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Elnemr company for carpets and plastic

One of the largest carpet and plastic companies in the Middle East
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El nemr company for carpets and floor mats plastic in 1982, began in the field of plastic mats of the finest plastic mats in Egypt and the Middle East, the company was able to export plastic mats of various designs and sizes to the various Arab countries after it occupied the quality of plastic mats first place in Egypt in the quality of the mat in terms of colors and shapes.

Then the company went a new direction to keep pace with development that is happening in the world and the Arab world to the primitive new area without compromising the same quality, which began its Osma standards began in 1992 in the field of carpet company produced the finest carpets in terms of quality in the designs and colors and occupies the company's large competitive position in Egyptian and Arab market, where the company's products are spread in all the governorates of Egypt The company is exporting to many Arab countries including Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco